M E E T   O U R   P R O D U C E R S



Henry's Garden, Dural

Here we have Megan from Henrys Garden, her produce of homegrown organic micro herbs and edible flowers are used in many dishes at the café. 


Darling Mills Farm

Located in Berilee, Darling Mills offer organic micro herbs and other greenery leaves perfect for our refreshing dishes at Wildpear.


Gebran and Loretta

Meet the founders of Figlicious in Dural, Gebran and Loretta. Just down the road from Wildpear, Figlicious is a local family business that provides nothing but beautiful ripe figs complimenting many of our dishes.  You can find them at www.figlicious.com.au.


The Scott Family and their Farm

Cheers to the Scott family for their ongoing generosity of homegrown peaches.  Their peach farm in Glenorie has been a family run farm over many generations.